Monday, January 18, 2010

8th Annual Master of the Ocean

Let's Train!
Master Of the Ocean
North Shore, Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Feb 23rd 2010 - Tuesday, February 23rd to Monday March 1st

The worlds top watermen test their Physical Conditioning, Equipment and Experience against the two most powerful forces on Earth Wind and Waves!

A elite field of watermen compete against one another in the disciplines of SURF - KITE - and Wind Surf. ....the event has an "Overall" winner "Master Of the Ocean" as well as individual winners in each discipline.

A decade ago, Marcus Bohm with a group of elite athletes set up a competition to crown the World's Top Waterman. Conditions dictated as Competitors matched their skills and experience against the forces of nature.
The winner, "Master Of the Ocean.

To train with John for the event email us.
Accommodations and gear start at $49usd a day.

For more about the event contact: