Friday, February 19, 2010

Training Days

To train with John Holzhall, email us at

John lives on the Lagoon side of Kite beach, Paddle Board Cove.
He is the premiere Eco-X-Ocean Sports Trainer, particularly Kite boarding, Kite Boating and Paddle Boarding.

John's Training Schedule is broken into sessions:

7am- 10:00am Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP daily (reserve your spot)

1pm-3pm Intro to Kite (reserve your spot)

3pm to 5pm Water start/Advanced Kite (reserve your spot)

5pm to 7pm Wave Riding/Advanced Kite (reserve your spot)

Master of the Ocean Training Schedule:
Training involves getting up at sunrise and putting the gear away at sunset.
7am-10am daily SUP training. Paddle Board with John daily.
12pm-6pm Wind Sports...kite and windsurf.

"...this is the biggest event of the Winter Surf Season and it marks the "peak" of the Surf Season and the "beginning" of the Wind Seasons" says current SUP Champion John Holzhall.
Q. Who will be the "Next Top Waterman?"
A. Odds on favorite probably has Luciano Gonzolas

Q. Why?
A. He has been training hard and he knows all three sports.

Q. Do you think you can win it?
A. I need an angle and that angle is big waves...I mean massive surf. If we get big surf, I have a good chance.

Q. What is the outlook?
A. I'm calling for a swell to hit Friday night, I hope it's big!

John Trains Coaches and Riders of every level every day at the Method Lodge. To book a session or a kite trip with John at the Method Lodge, click here. Method Lodge.